13-15 July

Laura Beekman

With her playful songs Laura made her breakthrough in the Netherlands. Her debut single ' Tot Snel ' ended up in the playlist of the dutch radiostation 100% NL . She also played her recent single 'Komt Wel Goed Schatje' at the blind auditions of 'The Voice of Holland Season 9.

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16- 18 July


Gineke Gorter

Gineke's musical taste is as versatile as she is. Her energetic performances manage to sway the audience with power, but with subtlety as well. She's currently working on numerous projects as a lead and/or backing vocalist.

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19-20 july


Jessica de Boer

While studying at the conservatoire, Jessica fell in love with the creative freedom and rich harmonies of Jazz. Together with the rest of her quintet she'll be touring around different venues in the Netherlands. She recently released her first single: 'Share'.

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