What are the Distelberg Sessions?

The Distelberg Sessions are all about making music and having fun. DBS started in the Netherlands on a street called Distelberg.
Here Simon (our guitarist) completely restructured his parents living room into a recording studio (they were on holiday of course). After finishing the studio he started inviting all kinds of musicians.

DBS on tour

After 5 years of doing the Distelberg Sessions in The Netherlands, we decided to face another challenge. That’s why we decided in 2017 and 2018 to change The Distelberg Sessions yet again. Those two years we toured around Europe, where went on a road-trip in a tightly packed van in search of awesome artists we had never met before. 2018 and 2019 proved to be two years filled with awesome music, cool new people, and a lot of inspiration!

Meet the Distelcrew

Simon Leferink

When Simon Leferink starts playing his guitar, he immediately manages to capture the attention of the audience. His guitar skills in combination with his creative mind make him an essential member.

Pim Huitink

The rhytm of Pim Huitink on the drums go together greatly with his organisational talent. Thanks to his management and down to earth attitude, the creativity of the Distelberg Sessions is led in the right tracks.

Gijs Huitink

Gijs Huitink's fast fingerwork on the keys are a reflection of his determination and progressive vision. Gijs has always had a clear concept of where the Distelberg Sessions have lead up to.

Thijs van Zutphen

Thijs van Zutphen is the newest member of the Distelberg Sessions. With his new energy and enthusiasm we're sure he'll be a great addition to the team.

Wisse van Vliet

Wisse van Vliet's technical insights and constant curiosty makes him very versatile. He is not only great handling the camera, but he can also quickly familiarize himself with any type of technical support.

Sean de Bie

No team is complete without a jack of all trades. Sean de Bie is the creative mind behind the video's and website as well as our social media. His keen eye makes for a smooth transition from us to you guys!